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Increasing the accessibility of affordable healthcare is an idea that’s growing in popularity.

All across the country, programs like ours ensure that people of all ages can visit a primary care doctor, instead of visiting the emergency room every time they need medical care.

These programs are designed to reduce overcrowding in emergency rooms and hospitals. They help the general population avoid incurring unnecessary medical expenses. They make healthcare a routine; one where prevention is key and serious issues can be caught, monitored, and treated before they become life-threatening.

Black River Health Service’s Medical Access Program (MAP) is designed to reduce the financial impact of a trip to the doctor. If you qualify, you and your family will have access to the full-spectrum primary care, treatments, and prescriptions you need to stay healthy. 


Please read the guidelines of the BRHS Medical Access Program below or click here to download a copy of our rules and regulations.

  • Patients must pay co-pay at the time of their office visit or the appointment will be rescheduled (no exceptions).
  • There is a 22-visit limit (including one physical per year).
  • We are not accepting new pain management patients.
  • Patients must have a face-to-face visit with a provider in order for expenses to be covered (example: If you have labs done, but do not see a provider that same day, the cost of the labs will not be covered).
  • Basic labs are covered. If a lab is not covered, the nurse or provider will have patients sign a waiver stating that the labs are the patient’s responsibility and must be paid at the time of their appointment. If you receive a bill from LabCorp please contact us immediately.
  • Medications are not covered.
  • Vaccines are not covered for adults with the exception of the flu vaccine, which will be given within an office visit. For all other adult vaccines, patients must pay out of pocket or go to their county’s health department for administration.
  • STD checks are not covered. Patients can pay out of pocket or go to their county’s health department for STD tests.
  • Cosmetic procedures are not covered (example: skin tag removal).
  • DOT, short physicals, and TB skin tests are not covered.
  • Any visit pertaining to an automobile accident or workers compensation injury will not be covered and must be paid for out of pocket.
  • The MAP program only extends to services offered by Black River Health Services. Any medical care received outside of BRHS will not be covered by the MAP program (example: specialists, hospital stays, additional procedures, etc.)
  • Any patient providing false information will be removed from the MAP program and all charges that have been written off will become the patient’s financial responsibility.
  • If a patient’s income changes or the patient starts receiving insurance, they must notify our billing/insurance office immediately.
  • Patients’ coverage will expire on June 30 of each year. Coverage must be renewed in person with updated information. If coverage is not renewed, charges will be the patient's responsibility.

MAP Income Verification Requirements
In order to be accepted as part of BRHS’s Medical Access Program, you must provide the following documents so your income can be verified:

  • Income tax form from the most recent calendar year (Signed and dated)
  • W2
  • Last 3 current check stubs
  • Social security benefit letter
  • Child support
  • Retirement
  • Alimony
  • Dividends

(Proof may also be shown in the form of bank or dividend statements, court orders or government award letters)

The above documents must prove the entire household’s income. If the household has no income, you must bring a notarized letter from the person(s) currently supporting you. If you have lived with this person for more than six months, we will also need proof of their income.

You will also need to provide proof of your living situation by providing mail from your previous address that demonstrates the amount of time you have lived at your current address (Example: mail forwarding, final bills, etc.).

In addition to the required documentation, patients must submit a copy of their valid, government-issued picture ID, along with their application. Failure to bring in the necessary documents and proof of identity will result in the patient's appointment being rescheduled - NO EXCEPTIONS!

If a patient provides false information to BRHS, they will be immediately removed from the MAP program and held financially accountable for the cost of the services that have been provided to them.

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