Our Mission:

Improve the well-being of migrant/seasonal farm workers and their families through health outreach, education and resource connection.

Mejorar el bienestar de los trabajadores agrícolas y sus familias por medio del alcance, educación y la conexión a recursos de salud.

Our Vision:

We envision farmworkers having available, affordable and culturally appropriate access to healthcare.

Deseamos ver que los trabajadores agrícolas tengan acceso a servicios de salud que sean disponibles, económicos y culturalmente apropiados.

Our Services:

  • Individual health assessments and resources referrals
  • Care Coordination for low cost healthcare services
  • Home visits for initial enrollment with blood pressure check
  • Health Education
  • Mobile Clinic at farmworker camps
  • Discounted dental and optometry services
  • Interpretation for Specialty care services
  • Diabetes Management Classes (in Spanish)
  • Disaster preparedness and relief

Our Team

Jocelyn Santillan
Jocelyn Santillan

Lead Outreach Worker/ Community Connection

Trabajador de Salud Principal/ conexión comunitaria

(M) 910-663-5581

Rossie Chavez
Rossie Chavez

Lead Outreach Worker

Trabajador de Salud Principal

(M) 910-789-0041

(O) 910-889-1902

David Gasca
David Gasca

Dental/ Optometry Coordinator

Coordinador dental/ optometria

(M) 910-445-0783

(O) 910-889-1903

Angelica Santibanez
Angelica Santibanez

Program Director/ Outreach nurse

Directora del Programa/ Enfermera de alcance

(M) 910-889-0291

(O) 910-889-1901

Danielle Guimaraes
Danielle Guimaraes

Outreach Worker/ Dental Interpreter

Trabajadora de Salud/ Intérprete dental

(M) 910-970-0087

Stephanie Corona
Stephanie Corona

Outreach Worker

Trabajadora de Salud

(M) 910-789-1676

(O) 910-889-1904

Contact Us

109 West Church St.
Atkinson, NC 28425

Contact Information

Ph: (910)-889-1900
Fax: (910)283-6001

If you have questions about our services, billing, or need to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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